The Green Rush has started!

DotBong is a Cannabis Holding Company. Whether its helping people access medical marijuana, trading marijuana stocks, industry domain/website work or professional strain reviews, DotBong is well positioned to cash in on the green rush!

#AmeriCanadians = Social Media

AmeriCanadians is the Twitter handle of DotBong, Inc. Why you ask? Because we are dual citizens legal to work in Canada and the USA.

Strain Reviews

AmeriCanadians goes on site to marijuana grows in order to get a first hand look at a master growers crop. More than just smoking flowers, we research strains throughout the growing life-cycle to ensure our top choices are true winners. Expert Marijuana strain reviews for all products related to marijuana

Brand Ambassador

DotBong / @AmeriCanadians / www.americanadian.com / Ganja Sommellier / Pot Cousteau / #cannoisseur Are pleased to be associated with innovative cannabis companies like yours. Let's partner for prosperity!